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Our EDM Anti-Spam Policy

Webmail EDM Anti-Spam Policy

General conditions

We practices a permission-based email marketing policy. It strictly prohibits users from sending Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE), which is also known as SPAM

We forbids any SPAM messages to be sent from our service at any time.

Our Definition of Illegally Collected Mailing Lists

  • A mailing list is legit if the recipient agreed to receive email messages from you.
  • Friends, family, colleagues, prospects, customers, partners, etc, which you have established a business relationship)

The illegal ways of collecting mailing lists are:

  • Renting/buying email addresses from a third-party
  • Collecting from Search Engine, business directories, newsgroups, websites and emails, etc.
  • Getting emails with the help of email extracting software
  • Keep sending emails to those who have already unsubscribed from your email list
  • You are falsifying the sender email address
  • Your target audience email addresses contains general addresses like:

We strictly forbids any SPAM messages to be sent from our service at any time.

Our Definition of Email Spam ?

We consider any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted Email message sent to the email recipients in order to extort their valuables from them or to mislead them, or any message originating from someone you have not authorized to have your email address to be SPAM.

Email messages must comply with the following principles:

  • To provide clear and accurate sender information in the message.
  • To provide an unsubscribe facility and an unsubscribe facility statement in the message.
  • No false, invalid or misleading information in the subject line or the body of Email message should be sent using EDM Service.
  • No Email message must be sent to email recipients without having previously obtained her/his consent.
  • Text displayed must clearly state or illustrate the service that is offered.
  • Marketing campaigns must clearly identify who is providing the service (originator) and clearly state the expense of the service promoted.

To Comply with Law

For example, US - Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 ("CAN-SPAM"), Australia's Spam Act 2003, HKSAR Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, etc.

What content is prohibited?

Our Service doesn't allow spam or any sort of offensive or illegal content.

We do not send:

  • Emails that violate CAN-SPAM Act;
  • Sexually explicit messages;
  • Marketing emails to a list of people without their permission (unsolicited commercial email (UCE).

Our service does not accept email campaigns, that offer types of services, products, or content listed below:

  • Escort and dating services;
  • Online and direct pharmaceutical sales,;
  • Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities (ˇ§get rich quick,ˇ¨ˇ§build your wealthˇ¨, ˇ§financial independenceˇ¨);
  • Online trading, day trading tips, or stock market-related content including but not limited to stock message boards promotion;
  • Pyramid schemes or multi-level channel, network and/or referral marketing (MLM) businesses used for prospecting or recruiting;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Debt collections, credit repair and debt relief offerings;
  • Mortgages and loans;
  • Nutritional, herbal, and vitamin supplements;
  • Adult novelty items or references;
  • List brokers or list rental services;
  • Illegal goods, pirated software or media;
  • Odds making and betting/gambling services, including but not limited online poker, casino games, college and pro sporting events.

What is our Global Blacklisted?

EDM message will not send to global blacklisted email address. Our global blacklisted included some spamtrap domain and spam complaint sender.

Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement

Any evidence of users not adhering to this anti-spam policy will cause immediate disconnection of user spam messages sending, suspension of the service.

Publication and Change of this Policy

This Policy is subject to change with notice by publication on ABCHK's Web site. Customers are responsible for monitoring this web site for changes.

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