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Free Web or eMail Hosting Migration Services

NEW Customer Offer ~

Transfer web and email data to a NEW Hosting is Painful

ABCHK arrange dedicated Project Manager Followup those job for Client included :-

Free Web Site Relocation
Free eMail Account Relocation with data .
What client need to do ?
Order our services and make payment
Submit migration form & provide us all necessary login and passwords information.
Our project manager followup all the job for Client.

Free migration your services to ABCHK for following products

eMail Hosting Package 1 - 6
Starting from HK$35/month+

Multi pop3, smtp, imap mail box
25GB email Storage +
5G iFiles Storage
Cloud Technology
Group WebMail
Multi-Server Pool

Web + eMail Package 1 - 5
Starting from HK$68/month+

Multi pop3, smtp, imap mail box
101GB Email Storage +
5GB iFiles Storage
Cloud Technology
Group WebMail

Multi-Server Pool

1Gb Web Hosting

PHP , MSYQL Database

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