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Web Hosting https:// SSL Services

Why choose ABCHK Security : SSL Services ?

Free SSL for new Web Hosting Customer. Limited Time Offer

Use 2048-bit & 4096-bit key certificates of https://

Google give you higher SEO Ranking with SSL Support.

When a visitor enters an SSL-protected area of your website, your certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection with their browser. A padlock icon and “HTTPS” prefix appear in their browser bar to indicate that it is safe to submit personal information.

Web Site without https:// show "Not Secure" mesg

Web Site with SSL Certificate https://

Services Charge
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Free SSL (3 months)

HK$500 Setup Fee
Free of Charge
Limted Time Offer
Single Domain SSL

Wildcard Single Domain SSL

Any more SSL question ?
Hotline : (852) 2579-1190

Other Option Charge

Fixed IP Address
Windows hosting is required.

SSL Followup by ABCHK SSL Services Team
Included SSL pre-generation, SSL registration, SSL-installation, site migration with SSL Server if require, follow-up and testing.
Monthly Special
SSL Followup by ABCHK SSL Services Team for Server
Included SSL pre-generation, SSL registration, SSL-installation, site migration with SSL Server if require, follow-up, testing and Labs Report.
Special Notice
SSL Protocols support SSL 2, SSL3, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS1.2
SSL 2 & 3 will be disable due to security problem
Standard SSL Services require fixed ip. SSL without fixed ip require browser SNI support (Windows XP browser not support SNI. e.g. IE8)
Free SSL Certificate support Linux Web Hosting only and valid for 90 days (renewal every 3 months is require)
Free SSL Certificate is self services item and no technical support provided.
Wildcard SSL only support that host on ABCHK Linux Server
SSL Followup almost take few days to few weeks
Single Domain & Wildcard SSL require Domain Validation - Validates domain is registered and someone with admin rights is aware of and approves the certificate request.
Symantec SSL and Green Bar SSL require Extended Validation : - Validates domain ownership, plus organization information included in the certificate (name, city, state, country) plus legal existence of the organization and that the organization is aware of and approves the request.

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